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Going hand in hand

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: How can profit and purpose be strategically aligned in Singapore’s competitive business environment? Philanthropy is the wrong way to look at this issue. When businesses engage in CSR, those “efforts” by definition ..

Quintessentially Singaporean

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: What do you think is distinctive about the Singapore identity? How might it evolve in the years ahead? For some reason the universe keeps pulling me back to Singapore, I can’t keep away. I love its dynamism, clear-sightedness, ..

Purpose over paycheque

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: Why do you think the level of employee engagement in Singapore is below-average, compared to other countries? How might an employer spark enthusiasm and boost the sense of commitment in staff? It’s not my experience that ..

Dogged determination

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: What are you as a business leader looking forward to, for company or country, in the Year of the Dog? In 2018, my focus is aligned with the Year of the Dog. A new start; action, effort and caution exercised in harmony, with ..

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: Should Singapore’s foreign manpower curbs be relaxed for certain sectors? How might businesses raise the productivity of their staff? Singapore is a world city. Since 1965 it has achieved miraculous progress on all fronts ..

Stopping the lies, half-truths and smears

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: Should Singapore introduce a law to deal with online falsehoods? How else could we stem the scourge of fake news? I’m not sure it’s fake news that’s the problem. I think the root of the problem lies in the fact ..

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: Has the headline economic growth optimism filtered down to the business bottom line? OUR clients who have embraced the power of AI and the creative intelligence it unleashes for their customers are the ones able to experience ..

5 things I learned on my way to work

I have lived all over the world and one of the pieces of advice I offer to people when asked, is to take a lot of pictures when you first get somewhere new because you rarely get the chance to see something again for the first time. I’ve recently re-relocated to New York ..

How to stay unfired (5 tips)

In this time of tenuous loyalty and FOMO, agencies must realize that although you may get hired from the top, you most definitely get fired from the bottom. If you are not paying attention to providing excellent service across all levels at the client, be prepared to face ..

5 + 4 from Summer Davos

I’ve just returned from ‘Summer Davos’, the World Economic Forum’s conference in Tianjin, China. Here are nine takeaways. Themes: The new certainty is that all is uncertain All agreed that Brexit heightened the prevailing global sentiment of uncertainty. ..

City Significant

Antwerp, Genoa, Istanbul, Venice – cities that defined the future in the pivotal year of 1492. Mumbai, Delhi, Dhaka, Kinshasa, Kolkata, Lagos – the world’s six biggest cities in 2050. Two lists. Cities have been at the forefront of human progress. Instinctively, ..

Be Like the Lotus

We live in an age of disruption. To thrive in a world that’s characterized by constant and insatiable change, leaders need to embrace disorder as the new order, make peace with it, and capitalize upon it. I agree wholeheartedly with Nassim Taleb, whose book, Antifragile: ..

That’s All Well and Good

A great lesson from the world of comedy. One of the fundamental guidelines of improv comedy—practiced by groups from Chicago’s Second City to New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade—is known as the “Yes, And” rule. A strategy for performers to keep the scene ..