Stopping the lies, half-truths and smears

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: Should Singapore introduce a law to deal with online falsehoods? How else could we stem the scourge of fake news?

I’m not sure it’s fake news that’s the problem. I think the root of the problem lies in the fact that predictive analytics and AI on our big social media platforms have narrowed our exposure to information based on our search and engagement patterns.

This has create a “through the looking glass” moment in our world where fake news can masquerade as reality and the choices we make are based on an ever-narrowing and distorted view of the world’s information.

I don’t believe this can be solved with regulation; the onus needs to be on the individual to ensure they are well informed, not misinformed.

Chris Foster
Regional President Asia

5 February 2018

Business Times Singapore, Views from the Top

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