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The Algorithm of Attraction

Keynote speaker Chris Foster at the Asian Marketing Effectiveness held in Shanghai May 8th 2013, shares how in a time of exploding social media, omnipresent big data analysis and seemingly infinite online choices, some simple truths remain open to marketers to keep winning. ..

On Winning

Presenting at the AT Kearney Worldwide Partners Meeting on February 14th 2014, Chris Foster reveals how to structure and create a great pitch, and the steps Saatchi & Saatchi take to ensure that each pitch is in flow, where the team shares the same vision, and the final ..

Age Of Now

SENTOSA ROUNDTABLE – 23 September 2011 We live in the Age of NOW. A world that is always-on, instantly-demanding and immediately-sharing. The Age of NOW is a place more exciting than the regrets of yesterday or the fears of tomorrow – it’s almost Buddhist in its digital ..