Purpose over paycheque

BUSINESS TIMES – This Week’s Topic: Why do you think the level of employee engagement in Singapore is below-average, compared to other countries? How might an employer spark enthusiasm and boost the sense of commitment in staff?

It’s not my experience that Singapore employees are any less engaged than those in other Asian countries. When it comes to employee engagement however, the onus must lie with the employer. In my experience, it is all about culture. Getting buy-in from the team requires strong, transparent leadership, with purpose and drive, and hiring based on personality rather than academic credentials alone.

Ultimately, making sure that each member of the team is the right “fit” for your organisation, while cultivating a culture which rewards achievements from the top-down, is the best way to engineer a situation where employees feel valued and engaged.

Chris Foster
Regional President Asia

9 April 2018

Business Times Singapore, Views from the Top


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