The Latest Trends in Advertising

Chris Foster, worldwide chief operating officer of Saatchi & Saatchi, visited the Milan offices of the agency to take stock of the strategies adopted by the network at the international level, even after the recent reorganization developed by CEO Robert Senior, based on the division between mature markets and dynamic markets.

ADVexpressTv took the opportunity to reflect with Foster on current trends in the advertising market and the situation of the various markets under its responsibility, namely USA, UK, Germany, Italy, China and Australia.

As explained by the manager to our microphones, the reorganization stemmed from the observation that the world today can not be divided into geographical areas: both companies and consumers in fact not think more in terms of countries, in part because the ideas travel faster and They are universal. Just think of projects like the one on Fixodent, for example (see news), an operation without geographical boundaries that in two weeks totalled about 10 million views.

With this in mind, the network of Saatchi & Saatchi has abandoned the old division into geographical clusters (Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the US, etc.) to adopt a new model, most effective way to serve customers. Specifically, they have identified ten key markets, defined ‘mature’ markets and other so-called ‘dynamic’ for growth and expertise: in this way, as stated by Foster spoke on ADVexpressTv, you can deploy the best resources and work with real and their centers of excellence, located all over the world, and with different specificity.


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